BWC is run by a team of diligent and well-trained personnel dealing with hydraulic control valve for the past 20 years. With the challenges & many invaluable experiences gained, we have grown in the industry together with the supports from our customers.

To provide excellent services and products knowledge are crucial to our success and this is our principle for the continuous growth in the subsequent years to come.

We are honoured to be the authorised distributor for BERMAD hydraulic control valve in Malaysia territories, BERMAD has 12 offices and a wide network of distributors across the world with innumerable successes and achievements for the past 53 years.

Therefore, we are proud to adopt and provide BERMAD’s water and flow management solution that give our customer exceptional operational efficiency, superior quality, durability and performance which they need to meet the new challenges of 21st century in the industry.

With BERMAD’s world inspiration matching BWC localized action, we foresee to build “A Grade Higher” accomplishment to our valuable customers in Malaysia.

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